Singapore to Boracay (Philippines)

New Island Trip!
This time round I'm choosing between Phuket or Boracay.
I'm so excited for both but Boracay gives me more uncertainties as I've never been to Philippines!
*Worried* for their people, for their environment, for their food.. I just realise I don't see much Philippines food in Singapore. The only one I know of is the Roasted pork near Scape and Jolibee!
I love Jolibee! *.*
But there's always a first time! 
Here's my blog on the land of dream! BORACAY!

Air Flight

There is two flight routes to Boracay.
1. To Kalibo Airport (the one I took) BUDGET AH.
- AirAsia & Tigerair

2. Caticlan Airport 
- Scoot, Philippines Air

Duration: 3h05mins
I took a direct flight from Singapore to Kalibo through Tigerair
I have many friends that don't prefer Tiger saying that it has flight delay, etc..
but in my experience it all went pretty good. Haven't experience any delays, good service, good flight landing. (Satisfied Guest!) - Or I'm really luck? hees..

Arriving at Kalibo Airport was an eye opening experience. Farms and homes right beside the airport and I've never seen such a small Airport where you can view the whole area in a glance. O.O 
No fancy shop, just a toilet and exit.

The Transfer

Transfer from Kalibo Airport to Boracay to Resort.
Cost: PHP 1725 (Full return Transfer)
Coach - Ferry Terminal - Private Van - Another Ferry Terminal (due to bad weather change of route) - Speed Boat - Private Van
Duration: approx 2hours 

My whole transfer was arrange in advance with my Resort (Hennan Resort- Boracay Regency). So the whole trip was really safe and rest assured. (Recommended)

For the transfer to ferry terminal (3rd Party): Southwest

But if you did not make any arrangement, no worries. There are plenty of transfer services at the exits of the airport. Just make sure the price (PHP 800-900) is alright! 

The Weather

I felt like giving myself a bang on the wall when I was looking at the wrong weather before the trip.
From iPhone, in "weather" app I manage to find Boracay, Philippines, and I thought this must be right! So for days before the trip I'm telling my family and friends about the awesome weather (27 degree in the day, and 16 in the night) there and every day is going to be sunny! 
And most importantly I can't get out of this killer weather in Singapore! This season is really sick!

But just one day before my trip! I'm not quite sure what got into me. I went online to double confirm the weather. and I've gotten a SHOCK! It is RAINING!!! and it's everyday!! the temperature is nowhere like what I've seen in the app. It's just like Singapore!

Lesson Learnt! in, if you're looking for the weather in boracay.
Use. Either Caticlan or Kalibo (Aklan).

Months with good weather: April to May, Oct to Dec 
Flood on every road. (Outside of my resort)

The Stay

Deciding of our choice to stay took quite a number of days.

1. You need to research about the island
2. Your purpose of stay
3. Guest house from Airbnb or Resort 

Boracay is divided into 3 parts (Station 1, Station 2, Station 3)

My stay is at Henann Garden Resort @ Station 2. (Ratings 4.5 /5)
Stay was booked through Agoda.
I really enjoyed my stay with them. They have excellent resort services with courteous staff that always smiles and greet when we walk pass. How sweet of them! 
I've made a few room calls for room services, and they were really quick in response! (thankyou!)
Towels are provided for in-room and separate towels are provided for pools and outdoor.

Above all, their breakfast! WOW! It has such a wide range of food!! Rice, Porridge, Waffles, Pancakes, Yogurt, Fruits, Noodles..... SO SO MUCH! and different menu every morning!

 - 0.2 km to D'mall / an exit to D'mall 
-  A street away from Talipapa (Seafood Market).

Other Perks,
Korean Restaurant right in their resort .
Korean Fastfood & Convenience Store opposite the resort.

This Resort will definitely my choice again if I am to re-visit.

The Fun

My very first water activities experience! LIKE FINALLY! I'm always so unlucky to meet rain whenever I goes to a beach. Of course, once again RAIN RAIN AND RAIN for me T.T

My sweetest guide Gretchen came over the night on our arrival at the resort to have some planning on our daily trip, and introduces us to her buddy(husband), Willy, who will be taking care of us throughout the whole trip. Despite the constipated weather that rains and stops at alt hour, we manage to go on with our plans.

Tourist to take note: The activities provided on the island through walk in and through resorts, prices will be mark up way high! We compare our prices with a guide sharing our ride and their prices are like 3 times mine?!!!!! OMG! I'm so so thankful for my guides and with their honesty. So, if you're still choosing your activities by walk in do make sure you compare a few.
and for those that prices offers way too low, beware as they might not be responsible on your safety.

The activities I went range from PHP600 - PHP2300(Island Hopping) 

Day 2


Island Hopping- Ilgan Ilgan & Crocodile Island w snorkelling
Duration: 3 hours
- The water is so clear! But the fishes had to many round of buffet before we arrived.  No longer need my bread T.T

Cliff Jumping at Majic Island (3m,5m,7m,9m,10m) -Unlimited Jumps!
Duration: 30mins-1hr
- MUST TRY! YOLO!! Scared the hell out of me but I did it! (; Achievement unlocked!
- Tips: to put your right hand at your left armpit, and left hand pressing your nose. Body straight and JUMP!

Day 3


ATV to Mt Luho
Duration: 1 hour
ATV is so fun! Felt like back when we're kids playing cars.Thank God for the sunny morning, else my legs will be covered with so much mud.
Tips: Look out for snake hiding in grass.

Duration: 15-20 mins
Challenge everyday, next is Parasailing. Was looking forward to this before the trip but after doing the cliff jump I realise I'm starting to have height phobia. O.O IM AGEING!!
Accompanied by my two lovely partners ^^ SO SAFE!
*crossing my finger that I don't fall from mid air*

Fly Fish
Duration: 15mins
Fly Fish is my most loved in this trip! Had so much laughter when the guys are falling off from the fish and their expression is priceless! Give me 10 more rounds!
Tips: Safest position is in the middle front (my position :D), with least impact. Want challenge, go for the sides!

Day 4

We have an extra day, and so we thought of going for 2nd round for those activities that we still wanna play.


ATV to Zipline
Duration: 1 hour
Wooohooo! We decided for ATV round 2 because we haven't had enough of it. But this time round we rode to Zipline. Go for this alone because it's not as scary as you thought it'll be. The view while you're on the zipline is amazing! 
Boracay should be the queen of beauty!
SGD30 flew within 30 sec on the zipline. But it is worthy (:

Island Hopping- Ilgan Ilgan & Crystal Cove
Duration: 3 hours
We included crystal cove this time round as we couldn't make it before due to bad weather. But crystal cove with crystal all stack up in one pile? I wonder why?
Other activities available you can consider going: Jetski, Diving, Helmet diving, Ironman, Gmax, Buggy ride.

The Shop & Nightlife

Havaianas is about 30% cheaper?
Havaianas at D'mall! YAY! cheaper slippers! Need to stock up!

As for Nightlifes,
there are two places recommended by the local for night drinks. I didn't go for it but my friend said that it's fun! and there are many Pros...

Cocomangas Shooter Bar @ Station 1

Summer Place@ D'mall

The Food

Apart from the Korean Restaurant (located in our resort) that keep us fed for the first 2 nights, 

Talipapa at a random cooking house

A Wefie with our lovely guides! Gretchen & Willy

Talipapa is one of the must places to visit for their seafood. In Boracay, you'll have to purchase your seafoods from the market then bring it to a cooking house for them to cook. But you'll be surprise how shockingly expensive they price their seafood! (TOURIST SCAMS!) The prices should be at the range just like Singapore or slightly cheaper because they have bigger prawns and very very fresh and big kangkongs. Gretchen and Willy took the extra care by getting us our food at the local rates. WE SAVE UP SO MUCH!! <3<3 TRUST ME YOU NEED A GUIDE OR A LOCAL FRIEND FOR THIS!

Manana Mexican Cuisine

Along the road at D'mall there are many shops which are covered up by the windbreaker. We are looking for something light to eat for lunch and we chance upon this Mexican Cuisine. TACOS! It's very filling or maybe we ordered too much. 2 Tacos and a pizza. It all taste quite similar because of the same filling but overall it is good!

Lemon Cafe 

Mango Ice

The Lemon Cafe.

We came by this cafe when we're looking for some where to chill before our dinner. Their juices is really awesome!! So fresh so sweet so goooood! Do Support them!! 
-Their wifi is not working even when it shows connected. T.T

CYMA Greek Cuisine 

Tourist favourite dining place but not very much to my liking. Taste is something different from what we usually takes in Singapore. 

Inasal Fast food (local fav!)

Pork Sisig

I tried their pork sisig  (Pan fried pork) & my friends tried the grilled chicken. 
and the best part is UNLIMITED RICE!!! OMG! How can a fast food restaurant first, offers rice and second it is unlimited!

The Return

We checked out of our resort 6 hours before flight at 11am. Which is a safe duration to travel in case of any hiccups. Took our transfer just like how we arrived like before. No hiccups, manage to arrive at the airport within 2.5 hours.
Our Return Flight is at 5pm and check-in time is 3pm.
Slack at a restaurant opposite the Airport and had our lunch because the counter only opens at check-in time. There is nothing else to do in the airport while waiting.

* Terminal Fee* IMPORTANT
Cost: PHP700/pax

We were lucky to see this notice and kept money aside before we had lunch. There is actually a fee to pay before you check-in. Have you seen this in other places before?!

That's the end of my sharing.
Still loving the life on an Island! To more island hopping & travels in future!!
Thank you once again to Henann Garden Resort, Boracay Regency,Our guides Gretchen and Willy making our trip a memorable experience!

For contacts to my guides, you can email me

Do leave your comments down below for questions,
things you would like me to post about or you can email me



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