Bangkok Trip Repost 2 (updated) - Itienerary (Hotel, Foods, Shopping)

Places to visit - ChinaTown, Foods and the SCAM experience
Here's the research before I went to BKK. I haven't been to all shops because it's really hard to find if you're there. But you still can keep a lookout for it! ^^
I'll write some review or add-ons in red :D

Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown
[[With its lack of a Skytrain (BTS) or underground (MRT), the easiest way to reach Chinatown - if you want to avoid the traffic - is by boat (Chao Phraya River Express).
Get off at the Ratchawong Pier, and walk up from Ratchawong Road to Sampeng Lane and Yaowarat Road. Ordinary buses 1, 7, 8, 37, 49 and 75 will take also take you here, but it's much better to travel by boat. The Ratchawong Pier is just a few hundred meters from Yaowarat Road and Sampeng Lane.

You'll know that you've arrived when you reach the Odeon Circle, where a huge ceremonial Chinese gate unmistakably marks the entrance. Chinatown itself is an easy to explore on foot and, in fact, there really isn't any other way.
An alternative to get to Chinatown - and to avoid at least some of the traffic - would be to take the underground (MRT) to Hualamphong station, and either a taxi or tuk-tuk from there. For more information on how to get around in Bangkok]]

Stuffed flat noodles at Guaythiew Lod
This Chinese-style delicacy is unabashedly, exuberantly delicious: stuffed to overflowing with pork, shiitake mushrooms and squid, topped with bean sprouts, scallion and deep-fried garlic and bathed in a sweet soy sauce. Look closely for the added bonus -- tiny dried shrimp embedded in the noodle dough.

Yaowarat Road, Chinatown. in front of Seiko watch shop. 
+66 (0)2 225 3558. 
Open 6:30 p.m.-1 a.m. except Mondays.
Price: 35 baht/bowl

Ran Kuay Jap Nai Ake
Located in the heart of Chinatown, this popular eatery specializes in quick and easy Thai-Chinese food. Its location makes it a perfect place to eat while exploring temples and searching for market deals.
Best Dishes: Kuay jap, 40 baht. The place is named after it! Crispy pork, ground pork and white noodles in broth.
Yaowrarat 9 (right next to the sign). Open daily, lunch and dinner. Menu: English, Thai

Restaurant: Jaow Yaowarat
Looking for bird nest soup, suckling pig, roasted duck, or shark fin soup?
Yaowarat, Soi Plaeng Nam (On the corner of Thanon Charoen Krung and Soi Plaeng Nam)
Open Hours: 10 am to 9 pm
Telephone Number เ02 623 0907

Chinatown Scala Shark’s Fin Restaurant
For added measure we feature another restaurant which specialises in sharks fin (once there you will realize that it pretty hard to escape). If you don’t warm to that then there are plenty of other options that you can fill up on. The fried fish with black bean sauce is delicious, especially when accompanied by some crab fried rice.
The fried whole crab with black pepper is well priced and equally as tasty. For the more adventurous the barbecued suckling pig might not look like the most appetizing thing on the menu but appearances can be deceptive, especially in Chinatown.
Opening Hours: 10:30-02:00
Address: 483-5 Yaowarat Rd
Tel: +66 2623 0183 - 5
Cuisine: Chinese

Hong Kong Noodles
One of three noodle and dim sum establishments in the city, treats include Hong Kong-style noodles with grilled duck or pork. Homemade egg noodles, shrimp wonton soup and khao moo deang (rice and grilled pork topped with red sauce). Prices are very reasonable with dishes going for as little as 40 baht.
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:00
Address: Next to the MRT, exit 3, Chinatown
Tel: +66 (0) 2 613 -8977
Cuisine: Noodles

Hua Seng Song
One of Chinatown's more expensive options, but don’t doubt that you will get your money's worth. Famed for its birds' nest soup, other tasty alternatives include roasted Cantonese meats and hoy tawt (mussels in batter). The atmosphere is typically Chinese, bustling while still efficient.
Opening Hours: 14:00-24:00
Address: 371-373 Yaowarat Road
Tel: +66 (0) 222-0635
Cuisine: Chinese

Lao Li Shark Fin
Goose webs, sea cucumber, shellfish, birds' nest soup and goat meat are just some of the culinary wonders that feature on this menu. This is a great place to try the restaurant's signatures dish, shark fin soup. While not compromising on taste, Lao Li Shark Fin is the one of the cheapest in town.
Opening Hours: 14:00 – 24:00
Address: Lao Li Shark Fin, 457-461, Yaowarat Rd
Tel: +66 (0) 2 223 7341
Cuisine: Chinese

Nai Sow
Cheap and cheerful yet still mouth-wateringly delightful. Many of Bangkok’s residents claim Nai Sow does the best tom yam goong (spicy shrimp soup) in the city. Next door to Wat Plaplachai, this is a consistently good restaurant and a certain bet for good Thai dishes. Try the ‘naw mai thalay’ (sea asparagus in oyster sauce), delicious.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: 3/1 Maitrichit Road, Chinatown, Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 222-1539
Cuisine: Thai

Nai Yong Curry Restaurant
An alternative to Chinese food if you fancy a bit of spice, Nai Yong is very reasonably priced, serving up all your favourite Thai treats including thick and creamy Massaman gai and Penang curries.
Opening Hours: 19:00-02:00
Address: Yaowarat Road (between Yaowarat Soi 6 and Plaengnam Road). In front of Talat Kao Market, Yarowat Road
Cuisine: Curry

Shangri-La Restaurant
This well-established Chinese restaurant is famous for its Cantonese-style roast duck, barbecued pork and dim sum. Other popular dishes include hot and cold hord'oeuvres, Peking duck, abalone in oyster sauce, scallops in XO sauce and steamed seabass in white soy sauce. The interior decor leands towards old-school, with the usual gold and red colour scheme and tables setup for banquets and large gatherings.
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Location: Yaowarat Road (corner of Rajchawong and Yaowaraj)
Tel: +66 (0)2 224 5807
Cuisine: Chinese 

A little pricey, that's why we didn't try it. But it really looks good from the store front!
T&K Seafood
For many this is Chinatown’s best restaurant, nothing much to look at, it would be a mistake to be deterred by the rough exterior. T&K is all about the food (and brisk service). Simple, fresh, tasty southern-Chinese recipes and the best seafood in the area; try the oysters and sea bass.
Opening Hours: 16:30-02:00
Address: 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Rd. (corner Thong Suphan No. 453)
Tel: +66 (0) 2 223- 4519
Cuisine: Seafood 

Dinner time? Settle it as this roadside seafood stall. There's another seafood stall right opp of it. It depends on you which you prefer! but their seafood is really delicious! We had our stomach full by the time we saw this stall. So, we decided to order a take-away and have it in our hotel as supper instead (:
Texas Suki
Reasonably priced, clean and comfortable, Texas Suki serves up a conventional Cantonese treats including noodle and rice-based dishes as well as the more adventurous fare such as birds nest soup and fried puffed-up fish stomach.
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:00
Address: 17 Soi Phadung Rd, off Yaowarat Rd four doors down from T&K Seafood.
Tel: +66 2223 9807
Cuisine: Chinese/Seafood

Very cheap steamboat! Many choice too!! We are too full to try this too. Had small desserts but it's too sweet!! 
Others foods to try out in Chinatown are

Kway chap! & Fruit Juice 
This is super duper shiok! it's very different from what we ate in Singapore! It's very pepperish, like extra peppered pork belly soup taste. :D it goes with mixed pig parts!   
The one I went has a fruit juice stall with it. Which has super 100% pure fruit juice. *thumbup!!*  

Prata With Banana
Out in the road side there's this pushcart with some one making prata with banana! This is a must try too!!  

Small crepe 
Look out for stalls thats sells small crepe with coconut fillings and other flavours.
Price: 15baht 
Sampeng Lane
Didn't mange to go, It closes at 6pm.
Few tourists discover the joys of this atmospheric wholesale market, best described as the main artery of Chinatown. It is a very narrow lane that runs from Songsawat Road in the East to Chakraphet Road in the West, running parallel to Charoen Krung (New Road).
Even if you don’t wish to buy anything it’s well worth visiting just for the sheer experience. Goods such as flip-flops, toys, household items, and herbs can be bought here. Ladies will appreciate the vast selection of shoes and imitation ‘IT bags’ to be found. The area has a distinct smell of leather crossed with the aromatic scent of food being prepared.
Highlights: Wholesale Market – Fabric, Clothing, Haberdashery and Jewellery  
Location: Walk down the narrow lane that runs from Songsawat Road in the East to Chakraphet Road in the West, running parallel to Charoenkrung Road.   
Address: Sampeng Soi (Soi Wanit 1), Chinatown


Khao San Road night market
Khao San Road is fairly easy to get to from anywhere in Bangkok. Express boats, buses and taxis are your main options. While the Skytrain and the metro are convenient ways of getting to many places in Bangkok, there is no connection to Khao San Road (or to anywhere else in Rattanakosin, for that matter).
Mainly for those that wanna chill out and have some drinks.
If you don't wanna drink and really want to take a look, you can have some foot message there ^^ slightly reasonable pricing.
Don't have to shop there because everything is like a hack because it's a tourism area.

Samboon Market 
 Take note of the name!! We went to another market & we got scam!!!
A Friendly teochew taxi driver recommended us this place but I thought he might be scamming us so we insisted on going later ourselves. This place is great for fresh Seafood and many teochews are there (: Great for dinner!!but we didnt go. why??
back to the scam! What's the scam here? We double checked the info of this place another day in the hotel with the reception. And They told us that there is this place called Sambondee Restaurant, which is a scam restaurant from taxi with gangs background. So basically if they drive you there they gets benefits too! And the food there is super damn expensive and not fresh! Luckily we only had small meals there and didnt spend much.And that's how we got scam. idiot acting friendly taxi driver!
Just 3 letters different and it's another different experience already.

Bang Rak market
The easily walkable stretch between Taksin BTS station and the junction of Charoen Krung and Silom Road is a cultural mash-up rife with history that's worth exploring on foot.

Thip Hoi Thot Phu-khao Fai --- fried oyster egg
Volcanic Fried Mussel and Oyster), 3 Soi Charoen Krung 50 (next to Robinson Bang Rak). +66 (0)89 775 1958. Open Monday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Prachak Pet Yang
Two Chinese-style roasted duck restaurants vie for supremacy in this neighborhood: Pet Yang Nai Sung and Prachak Pet Yang. Both are long renowned for their roasted ducks with dark, spiced sauce over rice (khao na pet). We, however, are a little partial to the century-old Prachak.
Prachak Pet Yang, Charoen Krung Road (across from Robinson Bang Rak). +66 (0)2 234 3755. Open daily from 7 a.m.-9 p.m.

Jok Prince
Don’t be scared by its location in a dark, narrow alley leading to Prince, a now-defunct small theater that used to show dodgy movies. Jok Prince has served up the best rice congee with all the trimmings in this area for over 50 years.
Prince, Charoen Krung Road, entrance to Prince Theater. +66 (0)89 795 2629.Open from 6 a.m.-noon and 4 p.m. to the early morning hours. (Closing times depend on availability and change from day to day.)

Boonsap Thai Desserts
Boonsap Thai Desserts excels in many traditional Thai goodies, but their sweet sticky rice topped with impossibly smooth and creamy steamed egg custard (sangkhaya) is simply extraordinary.
Boonsap Thai Desserts (, 1478 Charoen Krung Road. +66 (0)2 234 4086. Open Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

Khao Kha Mu Trok Sung
You need to deviate for a few meters from Charoen Krung into Charoen Wiang in order to find this nondescript home of what the locals consider one the best stewed pork legs and knuckles on rice (khao kha mu) in the area for the last four decades.
They also have storefronts at MBK and Central World food courts; just look for the “Kamou Tokzung” sign.
Kamou Tokzung, 106/5 Charoen Wiang Road. +66 (0)2 235 4930. Open Monday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Jao Long Luk Chin Pla
Next to a bright red pawn shop a few doors down from the Charoen Krung entrance to the Shangri-La hotel is this shop renowned for superior fishball noodles.
There is another fishball noodle shop right across the street, but we favor Jao Long's homemade fishballs, heavy on fresh halibut meat, which come in various shapes and avatars: round, rugby-shaped, poached, deep-fried
Joa Long, 1456 Charoen Krung Road, near entrance of Shangri-La hotel. +66 (0)2 630 6060. Open daily from 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Nam Khom Wa Tow
For the uninitiated, the appeal of various Chinese-style herbal drinks, may not be immediately apparent. Fans who believe in the medicinal properties of the surprisingly delicious and refreshing drinks, on the other hand, flock to this 70-year-old shop for their Gotu Kola (bai bua bok) juice among other things. Incidentally, this shop is also the birthplace of the famous Yan Wo Yun brand of seasoning sauces, internationally known as the Healthy Boy brand.
Wa Tow – Yan Wo Yun, 1443 Charoen Krung Road. +66 (0)2 233 9266. Open daily, 8 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Fried Banana Cart
You can’t miss this food cart located right at the corner of Charoen Krung and Si Wiang. People line up the moment the first batch of batter-fried bananas hits the oil until everything runs out. You can see how fresh bananas, sweet potatoes, and taro roots are feverishly peeled, sliced, and fried to keep up with the demands.
Fried banana cart, corner of Charoen Krung and Si Wiang. Open daily mid-morning to late afternoon.

Je Niao Boi Kia
In a spacious shophouse also at the corner of Charoen Krung and Si Wiang, steps away from the fried banana cart, is Je Niao’s Hainanese-style multi-element dessert. This dish features oblong chewy rice flour dumplings and anything from cooked grains and beans to candied tubers and fresh fruits in dark syrup and topped with crushed ice.
Je Niao Boi Kia, SE corner of Charoen Krung Road and Si Wiang Road. +66 (0)89 774 9144. Open daily, 11 a.m.-9 p.m

Muslim Restaurant
Founded by Hajee Maidin Pakayawong, a well-known Bang Rak market goat butcher, as the culinary outlet for his fresh goat meat, this 70-year-old eatery still serves up exactly the same menu it did back in World War II era.
Considering its genesis, it’s no surprise one of Muslim Restaurant’s best-loved dishes is goat biryani. Their oxtail soup, goat liver masala and murtabak (mataba) are also perfectly executed.
Muslim Restaurant, 1354-6, corner of Charoen Krung and Silom. +66 (0)2 234 1876. Open daily from 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.


Victory Monument (Anusawari Chai Samoraphum)
There’s a paradox at work around Victory Monument; Though you will be victorious, you will have to surrender.Victory Monument provided my initial introduction to the throbbing life of Bangkok’s culinary dreams, a round-a-bout so over stocked with street food that even the least of Thai food connoisseurs would consider it criminal not to grab a snack or even a buffet meal while passing through.From the electrifying boat noodle alley (a true dining experience), to the armies of food pushcarts, and the legendary “Pumpkin Lady,” Victory Monument serves up a smorgasbord of Thai street food that will have you massaging your stomach to maximize its capacity.Memories are seldom of the monument itself (commemorating a brief dispute between Thailand and France), but rather of the “Victory Munch,” found in the area!

Head up the road to Phahon Yothin Soi 1 for anther dumbfounding food collection.

Sud Yod kuay Teow Reua (Pa Yuk) (Best Boat Noodle)
Victory Monument boat noodle alley is located on road heading towards Phahon Yothin
Open for lunch and dinner, closes by 9 pm, 
Telephone Number 02 271 3178

Perpendicular to Victory Monument BTS station is the yuppie street, popular with both locals and expats, known as Rangnam. There’s a slew of trendy bars, some fancier sit down restaurants (like Tida Esarn), and a worthy mass of street food stalls that sprout up in the evening.

At the far end of Rangnam (next to Ratchaprarop Rd.) is Kuang Seafood – one of my favorite Thai seafood restaurants. Directly opposite Kuang Seafood, just outside the Esso petrol station is an exquisite Isan street food stall that sets up for dinner. The road also has a rib noodles stall that will have you licking your lips for days!
An ideal location, affordable prices (for seafood), and a faithful record of creating scrumptious Thai seafood dishes, makes Kuang Seafood Restaurant one of my all time favourite restaurants in Bangkok.
Some of the winning dishes include the steamed sea bass in garlic and lime sauce (pla kahpung neung manao, yellow curry crab (boo pad pongali) and the sensational sizzling oyster omelet (or suan

Kuang Sea Foods
107/13 Soi Rangnam, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 0-2642-5591, Open Everyday 10 am – 2 am


Thai dessert at Nam Kaeng Sai Khun Muk
The sky is the limit when it comes to placing an order here: a dizzying array of dumplings, jellies and fruit, in coconut milk, lumyai juice or ginger syrup, topped by a mound of shaved ice awaits whomever can make up their minds. The result is incredibly refreshing, the perfect end to any street food meal.
Sukhumvit Soi 38, open 6:30 p.m.-2 a.m. 20 baht/bowl

Chicken wings in broth at Guaythiew Pik Gai Sai Nampung
Go early if you want to catch the chicken wings in chicken broth (gow low pik gai), crowned with a sprinkling of cowslip blossoms (dok kachorn) -- it runs out by 10 a.m.
If you are not a morning person, consider the giem ee (Chinese hand-rolled noodles), another treat that is difficult to find streetside in Bangkok.
392/20 Sukhumvit. +66 (0)2 258 1958. Open daily, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 45 baht/bowl

Banglamphu, particularly the loop from Tanao Road onto Mahachai Road. Some of the best food in Bangkok is in that area and it's cool and leafy, Bangkok at its most relaxed.

Mahachai Road

***Jay Fai a lot reviews on this place!!
Defying the belief that all street food is cheap, this crab omelet (kai jiew pu), once a whopping 500 baht, now costs a ridiculous 800 baht, thanks to soaring food prices, says Jay Fai. That said, the mammoth chunks of fresh, sweet crab and the slight, almost delicate net of egg binding them -- inspired by the way the Japanese make their egg omelets -- are pretty much worth it.
327 Mahachai Road. +66 (0)2 223 9384. Open 3 p.m.-2 a.m. except Saturdays
Near Wat Saket, Democracy Monument

Platinum Mall Food Court
Easiest and fastest way to get their local delicacies. This is for those that wanna have a taste of the delicious thai food, and wanna save time for shopping.

 This is a common procedure in malls of Thailand. There will be a counter for your to get a Food Card where you store money credits. 
*Debit Card 

So everytime you purchase a food, you just have to pass them the card. and money will be deducted.
It works just like out Ez-link card, or Marche. Just that you add balance into the card first.
and no worries, after you had your meals, you can get your remaining balance back at the counter.

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