Beauty is Confidence

Reminder to self: Beauty is Confidence. It's from within.
I'm a person with real low self esteem. To me, so many or most girls are lucky. They are not afraid because they are born pretty, young looking small faces, and they don't have big flaws.

I'm born with flaws. Oblong flat face, a huge birth mark from my arms to chest, slanted legs,but I realize that I can't change it and best way is to live with it. I'm still trying.

Here's some videos I would like to share on beauty:

“Beyond beautifying and Photoshopping, both the video and the song is about accepting our real values,” he says. “We live in a time of multiple crises of value, so it’s important to at least ask ourselves about our real values. Our goal was to show a bad example in the video, hoping it will generate personal answers in the viewer.”-Director Nagy

To your story, Let's change together
 And hey to you reading my blog! You're beautiful! 
I like you in just the way you are (:
"You're beautiful!" let the people around you know that.
Have a great week ahead!

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