HaiDiLao HotPot 海底捞火锅 SINGAPORE

I finally made it to HaiDiLao HotPot 海底捞火锅!
The Big Hoo-Hahh thing about it when their first restaurant landed in Singapore.

But..  What's so special about this place and what's so special about it's Hotpot?
I visited their branch at 313 Somerset.

First thing before arriving!
Call! Call for a queue number only 30 mins before you reach.
But that does not mean after you arrived you may enter, There is an additional 1-2 hours of waiting time depending on the crowd.

Second, take your queue ticket.
The interesting part of this restaurant is that they provide SEATS & FOOD!! for people waiting. Some crackers and nuts with fruits. and on top of that they have the MANICURE room, and PLAY room for kids. This is the best wasn't it? If I'm with a group of friends, some table & chairs with snacks if enough to keep me occupied even for hours. Who get's bored around friends? And staffs around are really attentive, offering drinks and keeping in check of your number.
Call will be made to you when it's about to reach you're turn. But it took me another 20-30 mins after I got my call.

Third, I'm IN! YAY!!
We're each given a hot towel to clean our hands which I think is very thoughtful. So refreshing~
and aprons to keep your clothing clean in case any soup splashes but, whether if the aprons are washed I'm not so sure. I saw staff keeping those used aprons back to the place where they took it out for me.

HDLHP offers 1 option for spicy (Sze Chuan Ma La), and 5 non spicy ( Chicken, Mushroom, Tomato, Laksa, Seafood)
Tomato soup are popular among ladies.
They added chinese herbs to make the it healthier and sweeter (:
*Advice when refilling the soup to request for Hot water.
After cooking for 2 rounds it gets pretty salty.

Some of the real goodness I've tried are 
House made Noodle, Handmade Mashed Shrimp, Beef balls, Meat Dumplings 

Stuff were assigned to each sector and Attentively attend to you whenever you need them. Making sure your food order was sent and arrived.

  T.T There is so much more I wanted to try!!!

and the best part of their food option,
SAUCES! their wide range of sauces, and it is so damn shiok! MUST TRY!
Fruits available too!


313 Somerset,313 Orchard Road Leve 4
Tel:+65 68357227 
2nd Floor, 3D Building, River valley Road, Clarke Quay,Singapore  
Tel:+65 6337 8626/6337 8627

Operating Hours:
10:30am - 03:00am Daily

Signage board that you'll see getting off the escalator
The awesome pot! Chicken soup & Spicy Soup
Food and drinks choices while waiting (:
Waiting Area Queue Status on screen
Manicure room! It's always full ):
Open Window kitchen!

The awesome sauces!
Handmade noodle! CLAPS for their performance
Greatness that is never enough.

Reviews based on my personal view.
Do check it out if you haven't and don't complain if you can't wait. 

Have anyone tried the one in China?
Share with me your experience down below at the comments.

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