Best Sites to visit to plan a trip!

Hi Travelers!

Where do you guys usually goes to when purchasing air tickets and stay?
I'm sharing here today some sites where I usually visit and some tips when planning.

Air Flight

First of course is the Air ticket!! No ticket how to fly (Singlish)?


I'll used the links above to compare rates on different airlines.

Then I check out the ongoing promotion.
Groupon, Deals, Airline Direct Promo and Cards Promotion.

Depends on distance, I'll take the following considerations
* $$$
* Comfort
* Timing of Flights

Well, I don't stop finalize here.


Next, the place to sleep. 

If you're arriving in the night,
Comparison (Go for it!)
(Flight + Stay) < (Flight next morning)

or if the difference wasn't too big I'll usually go ahead with the flight.
At least I can feel an extra night in a different place, different night view, and of course! the HOTEL BEDS! (:

If it's,
(Flight + Stay) > (Flight next morning) 

Then just wait another night in your own comfy bed.

The same for promotions, 
Groupon, Deals, Hotel Direct Promo and Cards Promotion.

Do compare the rates, is it always true that it's a deal like what it says? mmm..
sometimes I find that the difference of pricing wasn't as big as it says, as onsite they have it's own promotions. 
Sometimes it's more worthy to book on the main websites rather than "promotions". 


Despite free breakfast /Transfer. And definitely booking directly is the safest. No miscommunication between your medium and the host.

Wishing you an enjoyable trip and happy planning!

Do share with me links you visit in the comments down below!


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