Dessert Places Not Worth Re-visiting Part 1

This thought always appears " Why isn't there some app or web to tell people where NOT to eat?"
I believe many have been like me, walking down the streets looking for a random restaurant or eating place but before stepping in you're feeling damn afraid that you'll get disappointment from the food you've just paid for. And sometimes it costs a BOMB! I know whether a food is good or bad, it takes much account on personal taste or preference,

but just gonna keep this list going to remind for myself the places I've tried. I'm not claiming what's said here are terrible, just not worth a revisit. Probably tasting average or sometimes below?
This Post is purely Personal and only sharing for people that shares the same views.
Following on my previous post on "Food Places Not Worth Revisiting ", here I'll share for desserts.

Cafes are getting more and more popular in Singapore. But can everyone keeps their customer coming?

2 + 1 Creamery

Address: Two Plus One, The Woodgrove
30 Woodlands Avenue 1, #01-01 Singapore 739065

This is the worst cafe I've tried. 

The food is BAD, Service is OMG. Are they even serious in working?
1) Price. Overly priced  Scoop $3.80 (Normal), $4.50 (Premium)
2) Availability- I seriously super heng. The 2 flavours I've both picked are unavailable. And there is no where stating that it is not available. Why write on the chalk board when it is not there? -.-
3) Waffle SUCKS BADLY. I've never tried a soggy waffle.
and ultimately that adds on to the Fire?!
4) Service!
The team is in a total messed. Running here and there, Constantly looking for missing their order list. 
Utensils available are very limited. Have to wait for others to finish to get my utensils? WHAT?!
Not making sure that Water and Cups not refilled. Tables not cleared.
Long waiting time, or they probably just forgot your order and gave it to someone elses after you. 
My friend order a CONE! and he's not given right away. Do I even have to wait 30 mins for a cone icecream? After checking with staffs my cone still wasn't immediately and she went on serving the next customer. So she's is physically telling me that I need care about the next money coming in and since you've paid you're not the priority. RIGHT?

The Cafe is lucky to have gotten a good location but they obviously are not making a good use of it. I'm seriously hoping that there will be someone taking over this cafe soon.


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