Food Places Not Worth Re-visiting Part 1

This thought always appears " Why isn't there some app or web to tell people where NOT to eat?"
I believe many have been like me, walking down the streets looking for a random restaurant or eating place but before stepping in you're feeling damn afraid that you'll get disappointment from the food you've just paid for. And sometimes it costs a BOMB! I know whether a food is good or bad, it takes much account on personal taste or preference,

but just gonna keep this list going to remind for myself the places I've tried. I'm not claiming what's said here are terrible, just not worth a revisit. Probably tasting average?
This Post is purely Personal and only sharing for people that shares the same views.

1. Koon Bak Kut Teh

Address: 10 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, 599735

I don't know how food places always claim that they are the Best in Singapore. Who's the judge? and clearly it can be seen by the crowd you attracts. For K* Restaurant, the soup honestly taste no much difference from those buy home packaging. The broth is ... , taste like bak kut teh with added water. It isn't rich, and I feel that it needs more pepper! Then pepper-ish shiokness is not there T.T

Portion: Very SMALL serving with just 3 pork ribs.
Bak Kut Teh ($6.50), Braised Meat Rice ($4.90), Carbonated drinks ($2.00) Prices not inclusive of 10% service charge.

On a side note (Good points):
- Meat is tender. Easily ripped
- Service. Attentive staffs to your needs when you press the bell and refilling of soup.

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