BANGKOK: 8 Pretty Places YOU & ME got to check it out!

Hello everyone.
New Updates on [Beautiful] Stay in Bangkok!

Tough choice! Where should I book for my stay. I believe everyone are spoilt with choices when it comes to Bangkok. It's all so affordable!  Here I've listed 8 hotels that I've personally tried or some that I've read many reviews on after all my research and I hope this benefits you.

Personally for my stay, there are a few factors that crawls and bothers me much. Location! Value! Service! Cleanliness! Interior Design! The following are not at their best location, but still! If you're looking for a pretty place for an special occasion, here you go!

For Great Value

GAAM Hotel
This is really one of the most comfortable stay in my BKKs trip (I meant their bed) Sooooo comfy!!
Big love for their interior and for the service. Friend boss and staffs helping us anytime in anyway possible. It felt like a Premium guest house rather than a hotel. Because they treat you like a family!
Now let the photos speak (:

I miss this bed!! TT

Lemontea Hotel

The funny thing is I've been contemplating on Lemontea or GAAM when I was doing my research. From the google map they seems to be one street away, and it turns out they are only less than a min away! I chose Gaam ultimately because it's the kind of style I preferred over, but when I saw this place, it's so appealing for a stay! So beautiful! Read up many good reviews and I believe this is another hotel for you!

Location for GAAM and Lemontea Hotel?
YES YES YES! if you are a Pratunam shopper!
Platinum Mall: 15 mins to Platinum Mall, got to walk a little, but I got to spot all the cheap stuff in pratunam before i reach platinum. YAY! On the downside, carrying that heavy load after shopping is OMG. I dread it so badly! even 5 mins makes a difference. Girls, you understand me right?
BTS: They said is 15 mins to BTS, but I felt that it's way more. About 20-25 mins?
For the night it's a little creepy as all the shops in pratunam are closed, yet you got to go through the alleys, just got to be brave! and PRAY. (;

For Modern Lovers

Klub Hotel
New Hotel! Big room! Some rooms are still under renovation when my friend stayed. but because it's newwwww, everything is GOOD! YAY! and on top of that they have buggy services to platinum! WHAT?! Bonus isn't it?!

NAP Hotel ( Need A Pillow )
Beside Klub is NAP! Yep! It's pretty new too! About 1 year old?

For Minimalist

Happy 3 Hotel

The Journey Hotel

For an Unique Experience

Bangkok Tree House


The Mustang Nero Hotel 

Do share with me your experience if you've stayed in the above hotels or if there are any other hotels you think should be on the list, few free to comment down below!

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