Singapore to Hua Hin (THAILAND) PT 1 : Getting there

This trip to Hua Hin I would say that it's a coincidence? Or maybe it's fate. 5555

Usually when we speak of Thailand, first is Bangkok, then is Phuket, Koh Samui, ChiangMai....other island, at least that's for my case. Till a new name came up from my sister's trip. At first I wasn't really keen in this place, heard that it's getting more commercialize attracting more tourist. Etc etc..

Totally had no plans or idea what is this place, no idea how to get to other places out of Bangkok, Is it safe? That's my biggest concern. So many uncertainties.

But since I'm travelling with my dearest Bae in this trip and it's first travel together in 20 years, we've decided to YOLO! 2 Girls, big danger but gotta step out of comfort zone to see the world.
What I knew about HuaHin from this trip is still very limited but I'll still blog it for a record and I hope this helps you if you're going HuaHin for the first time like me.

Back to the main topic.
Where is HuaHin?
HuaHin is a couple of hours ride up from Bangkok. A popular place where the royal & the locals goes for their summer vacation and weekend getaways.

The weather?
Temperatures are very warm to hot throughout the year, with only small variations. The year begins with the dry season (December–April), before the monsoon arrives in May. Rains ease somewhat from June to August before the heaviest rains begin in September and continue through November.

Advice before travel to HuaHin: 
* Travel Light! Try not to bring your big bangkok shopping luggage along.
Just drop you luggage at your hotel and carry a small on to HuaHin.

How to get there?

Two Options
1) Taking a transfer bus right from Airport
2) Taking a Mini Bus from Victory Monument. (My choice!)

Victory Monument
It'll be a few hours ride(3-4 hours), so it's best to get your tummy filled! We chose to explore the local eating way. FOODCOURT in "Century the Movie Plaza"! The food tasted average but the drinks. Sweet die us X.X

Visit the toilet before boarding. There's no stopping in between the trip.
Mall right beside boarding area
Price Chart

Ticketing Booth

Vans on site waiting

Advice: What do you need to bring?
1) A mobile with Thai sim card.
2) Camera
3) Swimwear

As soon as you've arrived the van driver will inform you to get off. Don't worry.
We're so afraid because people are getting off one by one in between the ride and we're wondering if we had arrived HuaHin. Cha-Am first then Huahin depending on where you stay.

Upon Arrival: Travel in HuaHin
It is not as beautiful as what I've thought. The place is still much like a countryside of bangkok. 

1) Private Taxi 
There will be private taxi service provider right across the street and usually they will be your driver of the trip and because I got no other choice. Don't bother waiting for grab taxi or public taxi, you can't find them in HuaHin.
I've attached a contact copy of my driver, not excellent in service because he's driving a few customers in the same day, making full use of his time while one customer is visiting a site. But just incase you'll need it (: not too bad if you can accommodate and wait.
Taxi Service

2) Car Rental

Getting back
There'll be a few pick up point. You may approach your taxi driver for assistance or your hotel service counter to drop you off at those pick up points. For my case, my driver called up the bus service, Be ALERT because we aren't local. And it's hard to tell which bus is for you when there's so many bus passing.


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