Dhoby Ghaut Restaurant: My Neighbourhood Tze Char Stall (1)

Zi Char (or Tze Char) which means cook and fry. In local, it is a common place easily found every where in Singapore's coffee shop. They have large variety of food, from meat, egg, vegetables, to seafood. Every individual Zi Char stalls have their own signatures or Dish of the day.

A common question for us locals is: 
"So many Zi Char stalls! Which one should I go? Don't know nice a not leh? "
Everyday we have to crack our head, our heart our stomach, just on FOOD! Why!!! Can I stop being picky? 

On a random dine out with my family which is rare! My dad just drove to a coffee shop near by.
Ordered food, didn't put too much expectation because food from previous owners was so-so till first dish came!
LALA! I LOVE LALA! and it is huge! probably about 3x bigger than the usual ones?

I'm really really satisfied! Love the taste, Fresh! 
After our meal, the boss came over and sat with us. 
A long background, a Fishmonger boss in the day and in stalls at night. More than 20 hours of work everyday. He brought over this stall since CNY. 
The fresh fishes and clams were brought over from Malaysia by himself.

Introducing, or I should say, sharing with you~

Dhoby Ghaut Restaurant

Blk 111 Woodlands Street 13

Dishes of the day written on the board.

Fried Pork - $14

LALA - $10 !

Any other places from your neighborhood that you would like to share?
Hope to dig all the golden places which only people in area would know!
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