Malaysia Boleh! - Singapore to Tioman Island

This trip was an impromptu short trip with my friends.
We initially decided to go for Redang Island but due to time constraint we changed to Tioman instead. Just want to find some place for chill and relax.

I know Tioman is near, but from planning of this trip I realise so many websites or forums are not updated and it is NOT cheap. So close yet so expensive T.T
This trip was planned for 3D2N and we ended up with 4D3N.
Here's what happened:

We booked our trip with WTS Travel and it speaks it's name.

Scams on both the agency and locals (Who to believe? NO ONE!) :
1. Mersing's Tax! (RM25/pax) and we thought we already paid for our ferry.

2. Tanjung Gemok is cheaper than Mersing. The ferry guy w WTS asked us why we wasn't given a Tanjung Gemok ticket instead, and he made the change for the return.

3. On the day of return, our ferry didn't come! Supposed to be a 1400pm ferry, but when we reach the port at 1315pm, the local told us it already left at 1300pm. Initially we thought the local might be telling us nonsense, but till 1400 nothing arrived! NOTHING! We called the Ferry guy and he asked us to wait but we waited for 3 hours. We called WTS and they said that they are not responsible for the ferry, and we asked if the coach would wait for us and they told us that people that board the ferry already made it to the bus which is NOT TRUE! It's not only us that can't get on the ferry. There is another couple that is with us at the port! Both the Ferry and Agency are pointing arrows at each other. So now what?! We are stuck on the island, 2 hours boat ride away from mainland. And the locals in Kampung Genting told us there is no more ferry left for the day. and to book a Ferry itself cost RM2000!
We only know basic melayu, seek some help from the friend local in Kampong Genting and see if there is any other way to get us out. Conclusion, no way! and the abandoned 11 of us called our Resort to fetch us back for another night.

4. The 4th day, we took the very first ferry out for safety precaution. Can't afford for another night with friends going back to school & work and NO more being stuck on an island. We made an rearrangement with the agency for our Coach for by right and all rights they should make this compensation!
We already paid more than 1K for another 1 night stay which they don't want to held any responsibility and you know what the agency told us? " I can't confirm that we won't charge for the coach" WHAT?!?! Are you serious?! 
So pissed! 
We managed to get the coach, 1600pm at Mersing.
AND THE COACH DIDN'T COME!! Our Auto-roaming must be hundreds by then. 
We called again and another excuse telling us that Tanjung Gemok ferry delayed.
???? HELLO?! We asked the day before if they will wait for us and now you're telling me you are waiting for the people at Tanjung Gemok?
And they told us they will get to the bus driver. BUT NO! They didn't. We called again and they told us again they will get to the driver.
Are we idiots! Sitting there like some dumb people spending so much calling.
More and more excuses, and the bus came at 1820.
MORE THAN 2 hours late. Are you serious? 
For you to decide if you still want to go with that agency.
But still to save all you hassle, here's the way from
Singapore to Tioman Island (Pulau Tioman)

How to go to Mersing?

Currently there is only one bus service provider for Tioman in Singapore. Which is such a pity

WTS Travel 

Duration: Approx 3 Hours (Bus may or may not stop for breakfast)
Price: $75 (Coach + Ferry) not inclusive of the Tax which we're not informed.
Time: 0600 at Singapore Flyer- Mersing

I reach at 1030 which is a delay from the expected time.

Ferry from Mersing
Duration: Approx 2 hours
Disadvantage of Mersing Ferry Terminal:
Tax: RM25/pax

Another Bus is to Tanjung Gemok
Which tax is not applicable from the person at the ferry.

From Mersing you are suppose to drop at the port closest to your Resort. Before you board the ferry please check with the locals.

For my case, it's at Kampung Genting. And the ferry from resort will fetch us from there.


Your resort will let you know of the timing to leave.
Mersing 0900, 1000, 1200, 1400
Tanjung Gemok 1400

Coach 1600pm from Mersing


Duration : Approx 1 1/2 Hour
If drive is possible please drive, many Singapore cars parked at Mersing. Free Parking!
Enjoy your trip and drive back home!

I am definitely going to drive on the next trip!   


On the good side of this trip that made everything worthy.
The Resort! It is alone!! Only one resort and only one! The whole stretch is theirs!

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort
Excellent Services, Great place to relax.
Everything is in slooooooow pace. For City people like us, it is a paradise.
Their very very friendly staffs!! One of the staff even approach me after the hearing of the incident, and she's glad that we're there for another day (: 
On the day of arrival, each of us receive a well blended Ice mango-guava which taste damn good, and a cold towel for us to wipe. Cool all of us after the long journey!
Beautiful View of the Tunamaya

Our Home for 3 Nights!

RoomView (:

Partial Family Room

Spacious Toilet - No bathtubs*

View from Pawana Restaurant
Lunch! This is what you have to rely on if you didn't bring any outside food in.
The only food choices T.T no rice! 
And their food comes real SLOW! so please order before you get hungry. It takes about 30-45 mins for just a Burger?

Hula Hula Burger is really good :D

Complimentary Evening Snacks & Drinks
Time: 5pm - 6pm
2 choice of drink/pax ( Soft drinks, Fruit Juice, Wine, Beer ) On availability!
& Lovely snacks made for everyone.
(For the hungry you that wants to save up the cost for lunch)

Dinner! Every night there's a fixed menu. Buffet or Ala carte.  You'll have to check with the waiters. No choice! For our 1st and 3rd Night it was buffet night. But it's different buffet! 
Buffet: RM 66/pax 

1st Night's buffet was normal and pretty much not worth the price. 
Butter rice, Curry Chicken, Oxtail, Fish Chowder Soup ( This is yummy!), Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti
Seafood BBQ house available, check in-door for rates.

2nd Night:
Ala carte Meals. One of the pages of the menu attached.
Some tasted pretty good. 
But!!! we waited for an hour for it to be served and because of language barrier or some miscommunication, one of the order was left out.

3rd Night: 
Seafood Buffet, Slipper lobster, salmon, Fish Chowder, Satay...
WAY TOO AWESOME! So much better than 1st Night!
Maybe tragedy brought us luck?
and they serve us personally complimentary drinks and strawberry mousse.

What to do in Tioman Island?

1. Chill and Relax!
Bring your games, what ever you need as if you're on a chalet.
Resort provides free game rental as well but please return after used (:

2. Diving & Snorkelling

TwinPeaks Tioman 
Nearby Snorkel Trip
Time: 9am- 12pm , 2pm- 5pm
Price: RM120+ 10% service charge /pax

Round trip
Time: 9am- 530pm
Price: RM220 + 10% service charge
(+ Asah Waterfall, Juara, Salang Village+ 2 snorkel destinations)

This is a must!!! The water is so clear and Fishes and corals *.*
*** Please go to the Toilet before leaving. 
Duration: 3 hours
It's my very first experience snorkeling and I'm in love!
We went to Coral Island w Twin Peaks Dive center which is affiliated with Tunamaya
First snorkel didn't go well with my inexperience, can't control my body well with the life jackets, flippers and irregular waves so I went back to stay on the boat while waiting for the others, but I felt nausea from the seasick and decided to join in for the 2nd snorkel.
and YAY!! I finally know how to snorkel.
Made 3 "merlion throws" on the sea and and hundreds of fishes surrounds you. Within mintues all the food I threw up was gone. O.O Scary!

3. Visit the neighboring shores
Arrange with the counter for nearby shores visits and shopping.
Didn't went for this but the cost should be around 30SGD/pax?

4. Swim in their infinity pool!

5. Spa @ Sarang Spa 

6. Star gazing. The night is simply too beautiful.
Things to take note (Important!) :

1. Bring some snacks along, most of the things are pretty costly I should say.
e.g. Coca-cola RM7/can
2. Liquor & Softdrinks! Bring in by yourself Save $$$
3. Sunblock & Moisturizer ( The guys all got burnt!)
4. Be patience, most of their waiters can't really converse well in english. 
5. Limited Wi-fi access and no DIGI line! 
6. Auto-Roaming activation & Credit Card. (Atleast 1 for emergency)

This is paradise!

Overall, this was a great getaway and I'm so loving the life!
I will be back and definitely to this resort.
Thank you once again to Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort for making our trip enjoyable!

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