Maki- San : The new level of Customized Sushi!


2 Handy Road, #B1-17/18
[ The Cathay ]

Website :

I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD!!!! Always my crave >:

and now there is MAKI- SAN!
I'm so excited to blog about this after having it today!
Maki- san is a place where you customize your own sushi & salads!
Brilliant idea! 
It's always the standard egg- cucumber- crabsticks in supermarkets or in restaurants.
NO MORE! now, it goes your way! The way you want it!
For a healthier choice they even have brown rice! but i still prefer their white rice >< SO TASTY!

I hope they will have more outlets soon!! Please open in the North area soon ):

On top of that, Beautiful Packaging! So much effort! I brought it home XD

I call my wrap Leanne-san! :DDD
Essentials: Shredded Cucumber, Tamago, Steamed Ebi, Tuna Mayo, Tempura Enoki Mushroom
Specials: Salmon Sashimi (Definitely!)
Sprinkles: Seaweed

In a rush? Going for movie? Anytime! This is the best snacks to take-away! 
Hope you'll enjoy your maki ! 


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