Xin Yang Thai Food 星阳泰国小吃

Where to eat? What should we eat? Western, Thai, Chinese, Japanese??
Questions that always appears every week, and sometimes everyday.

First solution:
Online! Forums, Blogs, Post...see what others say. Any recommendation?
but most of it are so EXPENSIVE and in actual, it doesn't taste as good as what it says T.T

Whenever possible when I hang out with friends I really really do hope I can find food that surprises me! and makes me go... I have craving for __________at ________.

You know that feeling right?

and to introduce you my favourite Thai food stall.

Xin Yang Thai Food 星阳泰国小吃 (Authentic Thai)

Current: Blk 806 Woodlands St 81

Operating Hour: 
11:00 am- 3:00pm
5:00pm-8:45pm ( Or Sold Out )
Closed on Every Thursday

Previously at Blk 883 Woodlands St 82, Woodlands Centre, then Blk 19 Marsiling Lane, Woodlands CC

It's really good! Especially their Tom Yum Soup.
Boiled with fresh big prawns bought daily!
Portion is sufficient! Thai exp**** soup is pathetic! frozen small prawn and such a small bowl. I can't even get filled eating just that.
So many varieties!! One day tomyum soup, another prawn omelet rice, next day green curry ><
Cook upon order! This is something that I'm more "niao" I can wait as long as it's freshly cook. So please expect to queue and wait. BE PATIENCE! 
It's range from $3.50 to $5+

Oh no.. I'm feeling hungry ):
Cheers and hope you enjoyed your meal!


  1. Thanks for the address!! I've been looking for this store ever since they moved from 883 xD

  2. Btw, I just asked the uncle. They will be moving again in July to Woodlands CC, St 81 ^^

    1. (: Glad that you've found it! and thanks for the update info!! then I must visit him soon again. :D