Seoul Yummy

Korea Wave! that's when so many people go crazy over their food, drama, and MUSIC!

I can't even recall 8 years back when I'm still going crazy over Taiwanese boy bands and Japanese drama. Time have changed.

Last night I went over to my usual Korea hangout at Square 2 Novena. The place is peaceful as not many knows about this place and most importantly it's filled with Korean mini mart, salon & restaurants. The mini Bukit Timah?

Seoul Yummy  

Location: Square 2 Novena (Novena MRT)

Only reason I keep visiting is for their Army stew and Bingsoo!! 

Meat Army Stew! Beef, Chicken and Pork. And trust me! It's 0 spiciness and yet it's damn shiok!
Ingredients included: Beancurd, Beans, Luncheon Meat, Sausages, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Kimchi & Rice cakes!

2 Options of stews available: Meat or Seafood! ($49.90++ for 2 Pax)
w 1 Sides and 1 Dessert & 2 Coffee taste barley. LOL! which I always find it so weird!
Army Stew w Top-Up Meat and Noodle (+$12)

Dessert: Yogurt Bingsoo! it's so sweet! Sweetness satisfied.

Seoul Yummy is So Yummy! Having any korean food cravings? 
Hope this satisfies you! (:

Blessed Week everyone!

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