Taiwan (Taipei & Kenting) Part 1 台湾:台北垦丁之旅 1 Beitou & Kenting

It's my 3rd or 4th time going to Taiwan. Just like an annually place I would visit. Why? It's easy in communication and the people there are so friendly! (:

On the disadvantage side: They sell noodle over rice T.T I LOVE RICE! Most of my friends knows that I'm basically a 饭桶(rice bucket).

On this post I'll cover my trip on both Taipei and Kenting. It's my very first time visiting Kenting. So I'm so lost to start of getting over to kenting. The trip seems so complicated!

But no worries. We always experience to learn (:

My Trip goes like 1D Taipei, 3D Kenting, 3D Taipei.

The trip from Taipei to Kenting takes about 6 hrs so I thought of spending a good night at Taipei first and gets up real early the next day for the travel rather than wasting one sweet night.


Go Sleep Xi Ning

Recommended for: Backpackers, or those really going Budget.

Yes, It is really close to Ximending. Or I should say it's part of Ximending. 
Convenience: 4/5 
Service: 4/5
Location: Ulu (sort of like a remote area)
It's in some old building so u have to look out for it. If unsure give them a call. They will be please to help (:
The first glance we took in Taiwan is Ximending. Ah~ Heaven.

Since Me and my friends are going to Kenting the next day,
we decided not to shop and get ourselves a nice hot spring spa.

Speaking of Hotspring it's definitely XinBeiTou (Red Line). 

Endless choices, We didn't manage to book any online. and we're quite clueless which to try. So, we reach XinBeitou, explore every places and randomly pick one. That's how it works. :D

Those that never tried any Hotspring,

Advice: Wear clothes you don't mind disposing. The smell of hotspring will stain on your clothes for so so so long. I can't remember how many times me and my friends wash our clothes. Definitely a lesson learnt!

We went in a japanese style hotspring (Onsen), had our private hotspring.
It's so cosy and we feels so tired after soaking our bodies.

Public Hotspring is way cheap. Approx 1.50 SGD/pax.
It is located in the middle of the park of XinBeiTou.
Not sure if it's clean but i suppose it should be as hotsprings' water flows continuously?
If you don't mind being in the pools with guys, uncles, aunties and strangers, and really want an experience, do give it a try (: and do share with me your experience (:

Staying at Beitou:



Apple Room Hostel

Convenience: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Extras: Breakfast Canteen 
Peak Season: June & July 
Disadvantages: No lifts provided. Heavy luggage, please prepare to carry. 

In Kenting everyone lives in Hostel (Guest House). So many choices >< and they are all so beautifully designed!
A place filled with youth and warmth from home.

Apple Room Hostel is right at the start of the streets of Kenting. 
There is 3 things about Kenting.
1. Streets of Kenting
2. Sea
3. Water Adventure

This hostel is beautiful. It feels like a dream home
The staffs there are beautiful and handsome. *wink wink*


Breakfast is provided every morning.
Lovely Canteen.

Smokey Joe's Hotel (冒煙的喬雅客旅店)
Location: Streets of Kenting

I saw this hotel while walking on the streets and it caught my attention. 
The lobby is filled with so many pretty collection.
Check out on the hotel and the interior is so beautiful as well! and there is a swimming pool?!?! What?! I want! 

Do check it out! I bet it's a hotel that's worth the try.

How did I get to Kenting from Taipei?
XiMenDing 西门町----> Taipei Main Station台北终车站 ----> Zuoying左营

Book your HSR 高铁 ticket 8-28days earlier to get mega discount. This really saves lots of $$$

Food is allowed in HSR. and it's best that you brought your food outside of HSR as it's slightly more pricey and limited choices for you to choose.
Pork Chop Rice bought at station counter. It taste bad, and the meat is too dry ):
Transportation to Kenting
Apple Room Hostel provides transportation service from Zuo Ying station direct to the hostel itself at a flat rate NT1600 max 3 pax.
Fully Hired Cab. and this is real worthy!! If you take cab by yourself it will cost more than NT2200
Share Transport under GuestHouse : NT350/pax

Budget: Bus services are provided at ZuoYing Station as well
Disadvantages: Long waiting time, The trip from Zuo Ying to Kenting takes more than an hour, it's still best to keep yourself comfortable throughout the trip (:

 *Travelling with 3 or 4 friends, I strongly advise to take the cab.
It cost about the same as taking the bus.

Getting around Kenting 
Kenting is so BIG! and traveling is a big problem you'll face if you
1. Can't drive
2. Can't ride a bike
3. Not sure of the way from point A to B to C...........

 and oh yes. I'm in this big problem when I'm planning my trip.
I can drive but I don't know my way T.T and I'm a new driver so I'm real scared to be on the road. Riding a bicycle are the usual scene, but my friend can't ride. 

and what if it rains??? Oh man.  

Local Tour Guides! 包车游览服务
Most of the hotels provides local tour guide package for A day or two. And they'll drive you to places of interest.

Full Day rate approx 150SGD (NT3000) for max.3 pax
Half Day rate approx 100SGD (NT2000)
Most of the tour guides are youngsters, they do freelance tour guiding usually during off peaks. Sunshine Boys *.*

My Tour Guide's contact

0938-330857 後成
He's a Surfer, so if you're interested in learning please contact him . 

Places of Interest

The Most Southern Lighthouse of Taiwan- Eluanbi Lighthouse (鵝鑾鼻燈塔)


Protected Sea Shell Beach.
恆春古城-東門 North, South, East West. The 4 gate surrounding HenChun. The remains of the last war.
I can't remember the name of this beach, but this beach use to be a clean and peaceful place till it was bought over and made into a tourism beach. With many Beach party and performances.

Chemical release into the sea, beautiful color but it's polluting the mother nature.
Tour Guide- Hou Chen

Stunning view from mountain top. There are wild bulls at the very bottom of the mountain
Secret Hideout to get a good view of Sunset

Many tourist will go to 關山 for Sunset. but no point squeezing and walking all the way up just for a Sunset right?
Ask your tour guide for the any other secret hideout. (:

Fresh Sashimi from the Fish Market. Freshly Caught, Freshly Cut, Freshly Eaten! This is paradise!

Across the Fish Market there is a mini mart that sells local products. Bought this and my mum loves it!

Local Favorite Noodle Stall in HenChun -XiaoNiuChun

Other places of Interest
1. 大尖山 ( I can see it from my hostel )
2. 墾丁牧場- blend with the nature (: great for families with kids.
Operating Hour: 08:00 - 17:00
Entry: Free

3. 四重溪溫泉 Hotspring! It's pretty far from the streets

The streets of Kenting

Have you seen a 6 coin Toy Capsule Vending Machine?

Sumo Ramen Shop

Delicious Ramen Menu
Wall of Fame

Big Ramen Eater Challenge. 

This is a damn huge bowl! If you finish the bowl alone, this will be on the house! And tada! your name will be on the wall of Fame.

Sushi Located next to smokey joe's
Famous QQ Milk Tea

Steam Prawns

Grill meat >< So appealing!


Fresh Oyster

Famous Scallop

It comes in different flavors. Yummy!

Homemade French Ice-cream

Private Bar! Wasn't it surprising to see a bar in the mids of streets like a pasar malam?

  Other Food to look out for:
1. Fried Oreo ! This is soooooo yummy!! aren't they creative? 

Creative Artists in Kenting

Temporary Tattoo that could last about a week

Painting in Progress

This lady here is talented! She drew hundreds of pouches weekly!

Pouch drew 100% by her. Design were drew when she got home. and coloring made on the spot with your own customization. This is what I called 100% Kenting.


Activities in Kenting
Annual Spring Wave Musical Festival (垦丁春天呐喊)
Season: April/ May
Feature: Famous celebrities, rock band, hot bikini girls!! 

Haunted House (墾丁鬼屋 惡靈鬼堡)
My tour guide says that it's not scary, and so we didn't went for it. 

Go Kart & Mini Sand Jeep

T.T I went on the rainy season with hurricane on the way.
Didn't manage to play the water sports which I'm really looking forward to.

Here a list:
1. Sailing
2. Wind Surfing
3. Sea Surfing
4. Sea Diving 
Many more....

Photo taken for Illustration

Most of the Shops for water activities are located along the sea side. 
Instructors will be there to help and teach.
  Posting up next will be my trip in Taipei >>>>> 
 Taiwan (Taipei & Kenting) Part 2 台湾:台北垦丁之旅 2 Eat & Stay

Do leave your comments down below for questions, 
things you would like me to post about or you can email me shotsmadness@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy your trip in Kenting!


  1. Great post! I'm going TPE-KT-TPE for 8 days in July and this sure helps!

    Did you have a choice over the attractions you'll like to visit for your day-tour?

    1. Hi there (: I'm glad I've help a little and I am so sorry for replying this late.
      You meant in Kenting? For the day tour, It's mostly recommended by our tour guide but it's fine that you let him know where you want to go and he'll plan the trip for you (:
      Before my tour I let my tour guide know a few attraction and ask him if it's worth the visit, and he'll tell you his plan for the day. Hope this helps!